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Interview with NYSD

Written by Vincent Wu 

Our successful alumna, Korean fashion designer Jinny Lee (Class of 2018), just opened her showroom in Garment District, New York City. Back in the days, she was doing jobs that was not relate to fashion, and now she is a CEO of her own Brand, Jinny Lee Design LLC. We interviewed her and hopefully her story could inspire you as well. 



Can you talk about Jinny Lee Design LLC?

My designs are elegant, timeless and contemporary. My brand consists with two lines, the seasonal collection and custom made. I do custom clothing that tailor to the client’s need, I will take them to fabric stores, and will communicate what designs they like.

You showcased your 2020 Spring/Summer Collection during New York Fashion Week, can you walk us through the concept?

My SS20 collection is inspire by Korean Hanbok, I infuse the Asian elegance with Western silhouette. For the color scheme is inspired by “ Obangsaek “ which means five-orientation-color, white black blue yellow and red and the textile is traditional Korean fabric “Saerkdong”. Designing traditional into a modern cocktail dress, I wanted to bring the Crazy Rich Asians to life.

What inspires you to start your own Jinny Lee Design LLC?

Since I was a kid, I have been picturing my dream that I am going to be a top designer one day.

A little anecdote. When I was attending NYSD, Ester took us to a relevantly small fashion production company, I saw the entire process of how clothes were made. I always thought that you need a village to start a brand, however, through the visit I found out you can start your fashion business even it is small. I was very impressed, make me think that one day I can do it as well.

What Program did you take in NYSD?

I did the Fashion Design Certificate Program, I graduate and got my certificate in 2018. For me, the school gave me a strong base of understanding to fashion design. NYSD is definitely hard, there was a lot of assignments and challenges, but It definitely helps what I am doing now.

What advice will you give to the students who are currently studying fashion?

I will say acquiring knowledge in all aspect of fashion and practice makes perfect. Our minds are so strong, once we want it so badly we will achieve it.  Follow your dream, then you can become the person you once admired!


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